Suan Mokkh 10-day silent med­i­ta­tion retreats start at the 1st of each month. Regi­stra­tion is the day before, which is the last day of the pre­vi­ous month (eg 31st of December for the January retreat, 30th of June for the July retreat).

Registration has to be in person.
Advance booking is not possible.
There are no facilities for postal, telephone or email bookings.
We strictly adhere to the
"First come, first serve" - principle.

The dead­line for regi­stra­tion is 3:00 p.m.

You can arrive at Suan Mokkh a day early, the day before reg­is­tra­tion, spend the night free of charge at the main mon­as­tery and walk to the retreat center early on Reg­is­tra­tion Day.

Before reg­is­tra­tion you will be provided with com­pre­hen­sive in­for­ma­tion about what to expect. There is a pre-reg­is­tra­tion in­for­mal but com­pul­sory per­sonal inter­view with a staff per­son and you will be able to clarify any points necessary.
This med­i­ta­tion retreat is not some­thing for fun. It is a serious retreat. Many people are not sure what to expect and that is all right. But, when you have been through the interview and under­stand what is going to happen, you should leave if you are not certain that you want to par­tici­pate fully in a serious and com­mit­ted manner.

There is a reg­is­tra­tion fee of 2,000 baht and this is not refundable.

This fee covers all expenses for the 10-day retreat. There are no ad­di­tion­al costs.

After reg­is­tra­tion, you are allowed to go out to clear up per­sonal ar­range­ments. You must be back in the retreat center before 4 o'clock in the after­noon for the abbot's welcome talk.

In planning your stay at the retreat, do not forget to allow for the extra days: the days before the retreat starts, plus the 10 days of the retreat, plus the final day (the 11th of the month) when you leave in the morning (with the option of break­fast and a tour of Suan Mokkh's library of the Ven­er­able Ajahn Buddha­dasa and its Spir­itual Theatre).



07.00-15.00 Registration
08.00  *** Breakfast at Dining Hall    *** = Monastery bell
12.30  *** Lunch
15.50  ***
16.00 Welcome to Suan Mokkh Inter­na­tion­al Dharma Hermitage (talk by the abbot)
17.00 Boundary tour
18.00 Tea & hot springs
19.00  ***
19.15 Orientation talk and Ques­tion and An­swers


04.00  *** Wake up                      *** = Monastery bell
04.30 Morning Reading
04.45 Sitting meditation
05.15 Pack and clean the rooms
05.45 Collect your passport and valu­ables, have a look at the books on display
07.00 END OF THE RETREAT, walk to the main mon­as­tery
08.00 Breakfast at the main monastery
09.30 Optional talk and tour at the 'Spiritual Theatre'
(1 - 1.5 hours)

We ask you to follow the DAILY SCHED­ULE com­plete­ly. All sched­uled ac­tivi­ties (except Yoga / Exercise are compul­sory, i.e. you must attend them. Please be sure to look at the sched­ule to under­stand what you are agree­ing to before deciding to take part in the retreat.

(With some modifications on Day 9 and Day 10)
04.00  *** Wake up                 *** = Monastery bell
04.30 Morning Reading
04.45 Sitting meditation
05.15 Yoga / Exercise - Mindfulness in motion
07.00  *** Dhamma talk & Sitting meditation
08.00 Breakfast & Chores
10.00  *** Dhamma talk
11.00 Walking or standing meditation
11.45  *** Sitting meditation
12.30 Lunch & chores
14.30  *** Meditation instruction & Sitting meditation
15.30 Walking or standing meditation
16.15  *** Sitting meditation
17.00  *** Chanting & Loving Kindness meditation
18.00 Tea & hot springs
19.30  *** Sitting meditation
20.00 Group walking meditation
20.30  *** Sitting meditation
21.00  *** Bedtime
(the gates will be closed at 21.15)
21.30  *** LIGHTS OUT

Meditation Hall 5 outside Meditation Hall 5 inside